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Educational Center Campus Krems

Favia Grundstücksvermietungs Gesellschaft m.b.H
Planning: 2002 - 2004; Building period: 2003 - 2005

ALLPLAN was assigned of planning of the technical building design concerning CAMPUS KREMS – NEW BUILDING as best bidder of an Europe-wide competition in the springtime 2002. In close co-operation with the building contractor, the architect, the end users and the future management, project-specific data were developed in order to meet all requirements in the best way.

It was a special challenge to emphasize the harmony between the technical installations and modern, transparent architecture. The completed building was honored with several prizes.

Technical data

The use of terrestrial heat through four, 150 m long each, and 1,50 m of size, concrete energy collectors to chill fresh air in the summer time, and, respectively, to heat in the winter.
- Heating (installed capacity) 2,100 kW
- Thermo active concrete ceiling 4,700 m²
- Ventilation and climate – 19 units 150,000 m³/h
- Chilling (installed capacity) 1,000 kW
- Sanitary technics 265 SEG
- MRS – data points 2,800
- Lower stations 12
- Fountains 6,400 m3/a sprinklers for green areas and for water closet units

High voltage systems
Power installations consist of high voltage- and low voltage distributors, security lighting as well as lighting sets.
- Transformer capacity 3 x 800 kVA
- Emergency power aggregate 300 kVA

Low voltage and security technics
Essentially, the low voltage- and safety-related technical systems are as below:
- Fire alarm system as total protection
- Safety lighting
-Computerized infrastructural and peripheral cable system


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