Projects & References

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

26.400 m²
WKO Immobilienmanagement GmbH
2004 - 2009

In the “House of Economy” , the headquarters of The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, cost- saving and climate protection has a huge priority. With the thermal reconstruction of approximately 16,500 m2 of façade the heating demand has almost been cut in half. In addition, all ventilation systems have been provided with highly efficient heat recovery units and speed-controlled fans. A photovoltaic system on southeastern front is instantly recognizable from outside as a special feature.

Technical Project

With help of simulation studies ALLPLAN tested different systems in detail concerning the use of solar systems to find out their feasibility and cost efficiency. The plant now implemented a solar system that is generating directly electrical power from the sun; this is fed into the network of the Vienna power grid. Approximately 15-20 apartments can be supplied with green energy through the year. Through this system about 6,000 kg of CO2 can be saved in one year. To improve the working conditions of the employees the offices were equipped with a partial air-conditioning – ceiling panels provide a draught- and noise-free cooling. Additionally, however, the entire entrance area and the Julius-Raab room have been redesigned and equipped with the latest multimedia technology. All elevators were also renovated or replaced. A special access control system allows a maximum flexibility of mobility of the people while, at the same time, complying international guests of The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber with the necessary security. In order to offer to the guests comfortable conference rooms, attractive rooms we created in the 12th floor – virtually on the rooftops of Vienna.

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