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Passive Residential Building Kammelweg

Mischek ZT GesmbH
Planning: 2003 - 2004; Building: 2006 - 2007

The residential Building Kammelweg is planned as a passive house and consists of 92 apartments. With innovative ideas ALLPLAN won the competition in 2002 and, consequently, was assigned with building services.

Technical project

The core of the building services in a passive house consists of the controlling living space ventilation, whereby the heat loss can be avoided during ventilation. In this objective the air is sucked in the 1st floor on the façade over a green area, in the central ventilation aggregate the cold air is conducted through a double running cross-plate heat exchanger and heated by the exhaust air. The heating energy for the further heating of the air is produced by the district heating, and, during extremely cold days, additionally, a foundation absorber is being used, which is situated under the garage. The pipe registers of the absorber are filled with a water-glycol-mixture.

The heating of the apartments is supplied with the air, which is conducted to the individual apartments and, here, is heated over heating register pro air intake installation (individual room regulation), depending on the desired temperature. The heating of these registers is produced by the district heating. The warm water is prepared by the district heating, too. In the sanitary area, water saving devices and fittings are used.

In the garage, a static fire smoke ventilation is planned. When needed, the ventilation is switched on by a CO-alarm in order to get enough fresh air.

Energy demand: Heating: approximately 10 kWh/m²a
Heating load: 10 W/m²

Technical data

Useable area 8,260 m²
Heating installation 220 kW
Ventilation units 12,000 m³/h
Electricity supply 280 kVA

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