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Wien Mitte

ca. 130.000 m²
Wien Mitte Projektentwicklung GmbH
2005 - 2012

The project WIEN MITTE is one of the biggest urban project developments in Vienna consisting of an enormous reconstruction project of the railway station. The Metro traffic station WIEN MITTE in the 3rd district Landstrasse is frequented by about 100,000 people per day, the traffic station serves with two Metro lines, commuter train lines and the city airport train CAT. The redevelopment of this station is an approx. 130,000m² large, multifunctional building complex consisting of office, shopping, gastronomy and leisure areas.

As a junction station of various traffic line services the project WIEN MITTE is a stimulating urban project. The framework of the construction consisted of the height development of a new project, suitable for the surrounding urban area, with possible accentuations (complying with the UNESCO guidelines) like a compact building design that suits together with the building height of the surrounding houses originating from the time of foundation. The recommendations of the UNESCO World Heritage Commission had also to be taken into consideration in the course of the height development, which were stipulated in connection with the nomination of the Vienna Old City in the 1st district to count to one of the world heritage objects in 2001.

Technical project

The technical equipment complies with the most modern office requirements: chilled beams export high heat loads and guarantee draught free air. Fresh air supply is managed by the house facility floor where ventilation devices furnished with heat recovery are stored. The fresh air is humidified in winter and dehumidified in summer. The office workstations are supplied electronically and computerized with double bottom boxes. Counting of the electricity consumption is subject to consumer size either on high or low voltage side. ALLPLAN was assigned with the planning of all technical building services and approval of the installation plan.

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