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NÖ Landhaus St. Pölten

NÖ Landeshauptstadt Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Planning: 1991 - 2000; construction: 1992 - 2005

Based on an idea finding competition of an energy concept for the Lower Austrian governmental center, ALLPLAN was unanimously voted the winner by an international jury among 20 applicants. Through a computer simulation the building was building physically optimized and the energy input was understandably essentially reduced.

The government quarter of the Lower Austria has been established for 3,000 civil servants and visitors on an area of 25,000 m². The acoustic requirements demanded high standards for the assembly room and conference rooms, also in respect of security and media technics. The videography and audio recordings in the best quality, transmission places of which were agreed with ORF, were placed at commentators’ disposal.

The whole building’s technical planning, like HVAC, low voltage, MSR, building management system, fire alarm facilities, security- and access controlling and radio transmission facilities were planned and tendered by ALLPLAN. The construction documentation and release of installation plans were carried out by ALLPLAN.


Essential technical data

  • 112 air condition and ventilation aggregates with 1,420,000 m²/h transport capacity
  • 54 fire smoke ventilation facilities transport 1,372,000 m³/h
  • 18 heat exchange systems with a total capacity of 10,3 MW
  • 5,500 radiators are supplied with 360 pumps and 50 km tubing
  • Through 3 by air refrigerated compressors and heating/cooling machine, 2,0 MW are produced.
  • By means of separate drinking /common water supply from a rain cistern and 7 wells, the savings of the yearly consumption of town district water amount to 144,200 m³.
  • 1,700 m³/h waste water is conducted away with 3 huge pump stations.
  • 4 Emergency standby power systems deliver altogether 1,700 kVA emergency power.
  • The normal power demand (10,260 kVA) is distributed by 4 stations with 1,250 km cabling.
  • 10,000 fire alarm installations and 350 wall-mounted fire hose reels protect the whole building. All HVAC-facilities are controlled and optimized with a GLT-installation (10,000 data points).
  • For computer and telecommunication, 13,000 individual outlets with 600 km category-5-cabling, 18 km fiber-optic cables and 8,5 km telephone cabling are laid.

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