Projects & References

Project Consultant for Caucasus Energy Efficiency Programme – CEEP

Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia

Within Sustainable Energy Financing Facilities in the Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia), ALLPLAN GmbH provides technical assistance to cover all sectors of the Facility i.e. Resource Efficiency, Industrial Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Residential Energy Efficiency, more specifically the PC is responsible for:

  • Developing a marketing and awareness programme in co-operation with the PFIs in order to generate a firm pipeline and portfolio of signed sub-loans for investment projects under the Facility;
  • Training PFI staff with respect to the eligibility criteria;
  • Preparing/maintaining appropriate procedures and guidelines;
  • Assisting sub-borrowers in the screening and preparation of sustainable energy projects (includes resource efficiency and renewable energy), in industry, or as stand-alone projects, and for residential end-users;
  • Advising on the eligibility of the sub-projects proposed to be financed under the Facility;
  • Developing/maintaining a list of eligible measures/materials and suppliers (LEME/LESI) for residential and small-scale sub-projects;
  • Providing necessary information to the verification consultant;
  • Establishing an efficient tracking, and reporting   system to capture data on energy efficiency gains, CO2 abatement, etc.

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