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ImmoEfficiency - Consultant to the City of Vienna

City of Vienna (represented by MA-20)
2017 - 2022

The consultancy services provided by ALLPLAN GmbH to the City of Vienna are focused on energy related topics, especially it applies for municipal public building inventory, where a large potential for energy savings exist.

Aim of the project is to reduce energy consumption of 50 non-residential buildings including municipal buildings, hospitals and office buildings with more than 10,000m² located in Vienna. ALLPLAN GmbH carries out energy audits, identifies saving opportunities (concentrating on HVAC-systems) and supports the realisation of the measures. The realisations are financed directly by the building owners respectively by ALLPLAN with energy saving contracting.  After realisation of the project ALLPLAN will evaluate the results by a long-time monitoring (1-3 years).

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