Allplan project implementation: UNO CITY waste heat recovery

Using the waste heat generated during the cooling phase - through the operation of the UNO-City / ACV chillers - with the help of three ammonia high-temperature heat pumps, feeding the heat into the district heating system of Wien Energie, was planned by Allplan. The heat gained through this way was fed into the flow of the district heating pipe for energy supply as well as into the return to increase the temperature as required.

The electrotechnical supply of the two chillers was provided by the existing UNO-City / ACV power supply.

Allplan has been assigned two tasks: the planning and the tendering of the heat pump system including the integration into the existing district heating system, along with the planning of the electrical supply for the heat pump system and the associated system components.

We are happy about the positive outcome of our project: waste heat utilization of the UNO-City by feeding the gained-heat into the district heating system of Wien Energie. This means that now 2,400 apartments in Vienna can be heated with recovered waste heat!



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