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На данный момент некоторые описания представлены только на английском языке но если у Вас возникнут вопросы то пожалуйста свяжитесь с нами и мы ответим на них.

ALLPLAN на семинаре "0-Emission-Cities - Города без выбросов"

Klaus Reisinger, ALLPLAN, held a speech “Cities without emissions” during the event “0-Emission-Cities” at a panel discussion on Nov. 12, 2010. This issue sounds very visionary; for ALLPLAN it is very important to...

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ALLPLAN в гостях у Фриды Кало

ALLPLAN’S Customer event took place in the Art Forum on November 3rd this year. After last year’s invitation to Austrian Industry Association including a multimedia Reading Event “Dracula, Dracula” performed by...

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Дорога к новой марке

ALLPLAN is a leading company in technical building services as well as energy & environmental services. The trade mark shall present power, harmony and technical competence. In order to guarantee a quick...

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Бизнес марафон 2010

During this year’s business run ALLPLAN reached all specific goals set by itself by sending more than ten participants to the start. Our runners were dressed in T-shirts with the new ALLPLAN – LOGO print on the front...

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Наш новый прект в Армении

A remarkable cost-saving potential in energy consumption and the related CO2-Emissions exists in the plants of the Kaukasus- Republic Armenia. ALLPLAN is going to set up together with its project partners a country...

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