Green Brands Gala 2014

It was the second time that GREEN BRANDS invited to the Palais Eschenbach to the Green Brands Awards on December 1, 2014. In this gala the GREEN BRANDS of this validation period were solemnly honored on the stage, which commit to climate protection, sustainability and environmental responsibility. In this period, 40 brands of 31 companies were presented.

The award of a GREEN BRANDS personality is another highlight of this gala. As successor to Mr. Werner Lampert, Mr. Sepp Eisenriegler was this year honored as GREEN BRAND PERSONALITY 2013/2014, who is pioneer of repair services for waste prevention.

A special highlight an innovation was presented at the gala by Norbert Lux, COO of GREEN BRANDS, who initiated cooperation between Tecnaro and Druckhaus Schiner. A 3D printing made of biopolymer (100% renewable resource and fully biodegradable) was presented in the form of GREEN BRANDS Trophies worldwide for the first time. Furthermore, the GREEN BRAND Austria 2014 book was presented at the gala.

Allplan and ClimatePartner Austria played a major role in the development of the worldwide unique, three-stage process and, further, Allplan is responsible for the current validation of the questionnaires.

Beside Austria, GREEN BRANDS will be awarded in Germany, too, and shall expand to many more countries in the coming years.

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    Bild: © / Anna Rauchenberger/ In 3D Druck gefertigten Trophäen aus Biopolymeren
    Bild: © / Anna Rauchenberger/ GREEN BRANDS 2014
    Bild: © / Anna Rauchenberger/ Validierungsteam (v.l.n.r. Norbert Lux (GREEN BRANDS), Friedrich Hinterberger (SERI), Klaus Reisinger (ALLPLAN), Andreas Litzellachner (ALLPLAN), Georg Maroschek (ClimatePartner)
    Bild: ©