Pioneering in questions Energy and Environment

We have only one planet where we can live in.

Energy efficiency and climate protection are issues that concern all of us. We support our customers, for instance European energy intensive industrial enterprises, energy intensive companies as well as International Financing Institutes in all questions of climate protection and energy efficiency. In addition to preparation of studies our consultants also support concrete implementation of projects and guarantee cost-savings.


The department Energy and Environment (E&U) is mainly active in the fields of energy efficiency and climate protection. With the Allplan energy efficiency program (AEEP) industrial enterprises of all branches are screened to find energy optimizing potentials. Where weak points are revealed, technical solutions will be developed  and also turnkey ready  projects are implemented. With help of AEEP 70% of the biggest Austrian industrial enterprises have already been optimized by now. When optimizing paper and cellulose factories,  E&U is active in entire Europe, and has already optimized more than 50 locations in 14 countries. The experts of E&U provide with this Know-How also customers like European Development Bank, World Bank, Austrian Development Bank and European Commission in order to identify and assess cost-saving potential from the Caribbean to Armenia.

Experts of E&U support introduction of energy management systems in industrial enterprises and organize training courses. Research deals with issues like Smart Grid, increase of own power production in steam turbines and also energy efficiency in old houses built in time of foundation.

E&U is active in climate protection mainly in eastern and south eastern countries in Europe in order to develop JI and  CDM projects. In particular, renewable energy sources like wind and water power  are focused here, but Fuel-Switch projects are also being implemented. Furthermore, Allplan as an independent Testing Facility has been entrusted with 27 plants with CO2 Verification. Specialists of Allplan co-operate with  Pinkafeld University of Applied Sciences in climate protection and with Kufstein University of Applied Sciences in energy efficiency.