Construction physics, Acoustic and Noise control

Our special areas are heat insulation and noise protection as well as moisture proofing in buildings. Beside the planning of more energy efficient constructions we focus, in the first line, on space hygiene, thermal comfort and avoidance of construction damages. We design, measure and calculate construction physical parameters and measures to fulfil construction physical requirements.

We provide construction physical verifications, noise-technical examinations and contract specifications. We support booking of an order, control the implementation and guide complex planning projects in all phases, and individual projects.

Heat insulation and humidity protection

Our services regarding thermical construction physics contain the examination of thermodynamic impact on space hygiene and thermic comfort. In connection with planning of facilities, the parts of the building are investigated and energy-related optimized by us concerning heat insulation humidity protection. As far as reconstruction objects and damage survey are concerned, inventories are also registered.

Architectural and Industrial Acoustic, Noise Control

In this field we offer design and specification of acoustic finishes, site inspections and tests, planning and calculations. We prepare transmission loss measurement through partitions, ducts, floors, ceilings, etc and dimension in sound-technological components of technical facilities. In space acoustic rooms we are modelling and designing the acoustic cladding specifications and architectural alterations design, e.g. modelling the reverberation time.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient constructions can only be implemented through a functioning cooperation between various components during the designing phase. The construction physics is a central field of business in this respect. Through a direct cooperation of various fields of businesses within ALLPLAN we are able to solve very comprehensive and difficult problems.