Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction is one the highest principles of our company.

This is achieved through high quality of our products and services. The standard of the quality is set by the customer. Thus, the judgement of the customer concerning our quality is decisive. Every employee contributes through his/her personal efforts to the quality of our products and services. Further, it is secured that the relevant activities as to the quality and product safety are throughout planned, navigated and controlled. This is how we fulfill the defined demands we receive in form of customer specifications, applied regulations and further rules. The quality of our products and services is permanently being improved on all levels by engagement of all employees.

The employees and suppliers of ALLPLAN are informed of our quality policy. Regularly, every half a year, discussions are held with all persons involved and control is made whether the policy is still up-to-date. In our opinion, the quality is one of the most important issues of our success, and it also builds an essential criterion regarding the purchase decision of our customer. The quality alone guarantees a long-term existence of our company.

ALLPLAN is certified since 2005 according to ISO 9001:2008 and is thus able to present a certification according to ยง9 EZG as the first Austrian enterprise in the field of independent Testing Facility.