ALLPLAN Energy Policy

Allplan Energy Policy according ISO 50001:2011

The energy policy sets the guiding principles and the long-term direction of the company in terms of energy use and energy supply. The company's management has determined,  jointly with the energy team, the following energy policy. The core elements of our policy are:

  • The energy team and the energy manager will be nominated by the company management.
  • The company's management supports the activities of the energy team and releases necessary resources for the implementation of the measures identified. The energy manager reports to the management regularly.
  • According to the ALLPLAN corporate ethos it has to be taken into consideration, at all possible activities, to spare the use of natural resources (environmental impact).
  • The performed design and consulting services are to be carried out in agreement with the customer as far as possible in consideration of energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • In procurement as well as invitations to tender, in consultation with the customer, the energy efficiency and sustainability criteria will have major impact on decisions.
  • To ensure the legal conformity of ongoing compliance with legal standards and guidelines is reviewed.
  • The relevant energy data and processes are documented. The energy consumption is constantly monitored and reviewed in the use of indicators.
  • To optimize the energy consumption, targets are annually set to ensure continuous improvements. When detecting deviations steps are taken to restore the conformity.
  • Our employees are constantly trained on energy-related topics, and in addition, through awareness-building measures related to the subject of energy are strengthened.
    Employees can contribute their own ideas to improve measures.
  • The energy management system will be used, on one hand, on the locations and by the employees of Allplan, on the other hand the system is carried out in coordination with the customer's planning and consulting activities under the requirements of energy management.

Vienna, July 2012

Management of Allplan