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ALLPLAN GmbH was founded in Vienna in 1967. Since then our former technical bureau for heating, ventilation and air conditioning has become an international consulting firm in the fields of technical building services as well as energy and environmental management.

A team of experts in various technical fields and external specialists are at your disposal. Comprehensive EDV/CAD/GIS-systems enable calculations and simulations in different technical fields. ALLPLAN employees dispose – in addition to technical expertise – of a long and comprehensive experience in project development and project management. Our company works together with the experts of the austrian universities (for instance Vienna University of Technology as well as with the institutes and associations as mentioned below).

Most of our international projects are carried out in Central and Eastern Europe. In the fields of energy and environment we are worldwide active. We are pleased to count to our customers:

  • International financial institutes (World Bank, EBRD or supporting programs of EU)
  • Industrial Enterprises
  • Owners of energy projects (wind energy park founders, water power stations, depot owners etc.)
  • Energy suppliers
  • Ministries of Central and Eastern Europe
  • Communities
  • Austrian Development Organisations

Our experts solve complex problems on basis of the technical background; they consider and include business management as well as legal and financial aspects. Various Know-How carriers meet together in the center of this network and develop entire solutions during the process.

As environmental managers of ALLPLAN we take over full corporate responsibility for the project and stay in direct contact with our customers. We provide a comprehensive consultation and follow-up during all phases of the project. Clearly defined steps of the project enable us to work out the goal, the planning and the realization of the project in continuous cooperation with our customers.

We regard and appreciate our customers as long-term partners and continue to support them even after implementation of the project.


History of ALLPLAN



Year of foundation of ALLPLAN GmbH – Technical bureau for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


Expansion of technical services to include entire technical building services. (TGA)


ALLPLAN Subsidiary was founded in St. Pölten. Main field of activities: general building contractor for energy supplier enterprises.


Foundation of the business field Energy and Environment (E&U).


Takeover of the services of Facility Management Consulting (FMC).


Climate Protection was added to the services of Energy and Environment.


ALLPLAN founded the affiliate Climate Partner Austria GmbH.

ALLPLAN becomes the first Austrian CO2- Verification Facility according to §9 of EZG.


Cleanroom Laboratory and Laboratory Technology were added to TGA business fields.


The above chronicle shows that much has happened since the foundation of ALLPLAN in 1967. New business fields, a subsidiary, affilities, takeovers and a worldwide geographical extension have taken place during the past 40 years. This development shows that ALLPLAN is eager in speeding up with time and keeping its knowledge up-to-date in every field of technology.